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What is Peshtemal

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18 Ekim 2017
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What is Peshtemal

A peshtemal towel is a Turkish towel used in the Turkish baths. A pestemal absorbs water as fast as a traditional towel, dries very quickly, takes up less space, is easy to carry and is therefore used as an alternative to the regular towel in bathrooms, pools, spas, beaches, and gyms. The peshtemal fabric is made of 100% cotton produced in manually operated looms in Turkey. Turkish peshtemal towels are very much in style, absorbent and light. We are a direct supplier for Turkish peshtemal towels. Please contact us for wholesale prices and customization. Turkish peshtemal towels are used as wedding favors, wedding gifts, bridesmaids gifts. We specialize in personalization with custom embroidery work and jacquard on our peshtemal towels.